The mayor of a town has proposed a plan for the construction of an adjoining community. A political study took a sample of 1000 voters in the town and found that 60% of the residents favored construction. Using the data, a political strategist wants to test the claim that the percentage of residents who favor construction is more than 56%. Find the value of the test statistic. Round your answer to two decimal places.

Accepted Solution

Answer:5.13Step-by-step explanation:Number of sampled workers= n= 1000 Percentage of residents favouring construction= p' = 60% = 60/100= 0.6.Testing the claim that the percentage of people favouring the construction is more than 56%= p= 56/100 = 0.56.To calculate the test statistics we use the formula below; Test statistics= √n (p' - p)/ √[pΓ—(1-p)] -----------(1).Substituting the value into equation (1) above, we have; Test statistics= √1000 (0.6-0.56) / √[0.56Γ—(1-0.56)] Test statistics= (31.62)(0.04) / √0.5(0.44) = 1.2648/ 0.2464Test statistics= 5.13312= 5.13 (to 2 decimal places)