PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION, 100 PTSDrag a statement or reason to each box to complete the proof.If 3(x−4)=x+4, then x=8.Statement Reason1. 3(x−4)=x+4 blank2. 3x−12=x+4 blank3. 3x−12+12=x+4+12 4. blank Simplifying5. 3x−x=x+16−x blank6.blank Simplifying7. 2x2=162 blank8. blank Simplifying2x=16, x=8, 3x=x+16, subtraction property of equality, distributive property, given, addition property of equality, division property of equality.

Accepted Solution

1) Given
2) distributive property
3) addition property of equality
4) 3x = x + 16
5) subtraction property of equality
6) 2x = 16
7) division property of equality
8) x = 8