Janie receives an allowance of $3 per week. In addition, she can earn $2 for each chore she does. This week, she wants to earn enough money to buy a CD for $13 . Janie can do fractions of chores. Write an inequality to determine the number of chores, cc c c , Janie must do this week to earn enough money to buy a CD.

Accepted Solution

Hi there! The answer is 5.

As you mentioned in the question, the amount of chores Janie does is represented by c.

When we know this we can set up an expression which represents the total amount of money Janie earns.

She always receives $3.

She also receives
$2 × the amount of chores
$2 × c = 2c

The expression which represents Janie's total earnings is 3 + 2c.

Now we can start solving.
[tex]3 + 2c = 13[/tex]

Subtract 3 from both sides.
[tex]2c = 10[/tex]

Divide both sides by 2.
[tex]c = \frac{10}{2} = 5[/tex]

Hence, Janie must do 5 chores to earn enough money to buy a CD.