A farmer has 500 acres to plant acres of corn, x, and acres of cotton, y. Corn costs $215 per acre to produce, and cotton costs $615 per acre to produce. He has $187,500 to invest this season. Which system represents this scenario?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The system  that represent the scenario is[tex]x+y\leq500[/tex] [tex]215x+615y\leq 187,500[/tex] The solution in the attached figureStep-by-step explanation:Letx-----> the acres of corny----> the acres of cottonwe know that[tex]x+y\leq500[/tex] ------> inequality A[tex]215x+615y\leq 187,500[/tex] -----> inequality Busing a graphing toolthe solution is the shaded area in the attached figure